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Origin Story

Reel Nation Media was founded in 2014 by Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz, Daniel Roy Bills, and Lauren Houdek, born from a shared vision to fill the void in today’s media landscape with authentic, inspiring, and responsible content. What began as a collaborative effort among film students at Full Sail University evolved into a dynamic production company dedicated to authenticity through cinematic storytelling. Their journey started with producing short student films and quickly advanced to professional projects, including work for Al Jazeera America. Reel Nation Media grew to craft original stories, like Stand Up, to heal, empathize, and inspire spiritual resilience. Each project is crafted to foster empathy and understanding, reflecting our core values and commitment to meaningful storytelling.


We unite virtuous, sincere artists and patrons to heal, empathize, learn, and realize excellence, within themselves and the world, through the authentic cinematic storytelling of characters who build spiritual resilience from their adversities and search for meaning.


We believe in the power of film to heal, educate, and inspire, reflecting our commitment to authentic, spiritually enriching narratives. These principles guide our actions and decisions, shaping a culture where creativity flourishes, and meaningful connections between artist and patron are forged.

Core Values

At our core, we believe in Authentic cinematic storytelling, Unification of communities, Healing and empathy, Learning, Personal excellence, and Finding characters who build spiritual resilience on their search for meaning.

Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz at Sally's Iron Mustangs Kickoff Party May 12 2024

About Abdullah

Striving for Personal Excellence, Healing, and Transformation Through Cinematic Storytelling

Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz is an independent Muslim-American film director and writer who is passionate about using the power of cinema to promote empathy across diverse cultures. His filmmaking journey has led him to create meaningful stories that blend Eastern and Western perspectives, drawing inspiration from Moustapha Akkad’s cultural-bridging film, The Message.

Abdullah graduated from Full Sail University and has directed documentaries for Al Jazeera America, feature-length films like “Stand Up” and “The Pursuit of Refuge,” and various short films under his independent film company, Reel Nation Media. He has collaborated with industry-leading film and TV brands, such as Gordon Ramsay, Robert Irvine, M. Night Shyamalan, Facebook, Discovery Channel, HGTV, and Netflix. Additionally, he has directed branded films for clients, including Zaytuna College and Princeton University.

Abdullah is currently producing his latest film, Sally’s Iron Mustangs, independently, and it is set to premiere in Summer 2024. He is also the director of educational films for Commonwealth Charter Academy and the live show, Imam Tom Live, for Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research.

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