Sally's Iron Mustangs

Original Film – Feature Length Documentary

Sally’s Iron Mustangs is an uplifting documentary chronicling the journey of Sally Winchell, a 64-year-old bodybuilder and wellness advocate, as she prepares a group of senior women for the Lancaster, PA, Senior Games. The film is a character portrait of the determination, transformation, and camaraderie as these women defy age stereotypes and discover newfound strength.

As Sally approaches her 65th birthday, she tackles the challenge of training her “Iron Mustangs,” a group of senior women from Lancaster, PA. Through rigorous training, nutritional workshops, and emotional support, Sally guides her team towards competing in powerlifting. The documentary captures the highs and lows of their journey, focusing on themes like aging, mental wellness, and the power of community.

What’s Happening

Teaser – Sally’s Iron Mustangs

Teaser – Sally’s Iron Mustangs

A New Journey I'm thrilled to announce the announcement teaser for my upcoming documentary, "Sally's Iron Mustangs" - a senior women's weightlifting documentary. This journey of making the movie has completely transformed my life. The story revolves around Sally, a...