Resilience is the “Why” Behind Sally’s Iron Mustangs

The inception of “Sally’s Iron Mustangs” marks a significant chapter in Reel Nation Media’s journey, reflecting its core mission to create authentic, healing, and inspiring cinematic storytelling. This project, created by director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz at the end of 2022 during a challenging period, is a testament to the transformative power of storytelling.

Photo Gallery of the June 7, 2024, Sally’s Iron Mustangs fundraising screener at Armstrong Valley Winery in Halifax, PA.

An Inspirational Story

Sally’s Iron Mustangs follows the incredible journey of Sally Winchell, a dynamic bodybuilder and nutrition enthusiast. Sally, on the brink of her 65th birthday, leads the Iron Mustangs, a group of senior women who have embraced powerlifting in their retirement, as they train for competition in the Senior Games.

The Idea

Amid the pandemic, Abdullah faced personal struggles, grappling with depression and witnessing similar struggles within his family, particularly his mother. He encountered Sally and her impactful work at Bright Side Opportunities Center during this time. Inspired by Sally’s dedication to community transformation and personal empowerment, Abdullah felt an undeniable urge to tell her story. “Sally’s Iron Mustangs” emerged as a narrative of growth, resilience, and the unwavering human spirit—a journey Abdullah needed to embark on and felt compelled to share with the world​​​​​​.

Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz and Co-Producer Dr. Erin Price at Sally's Iron Mustangs May 12, 2024 Kick Off Party at Zoetropolis Lancaster, PA

Director Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz and Co-Producer Dr. Erin Price at Sally’s Iron Mustangs May 12, 2024 Kick Off Party at Zoetropolis Lancaster, PA

A Personal Mission

For Abdullah, this film is more than just a project; it’s a personal mission to inspire his mother and aging women everywhere. He hopes the film will encourage those who feel unseen to question themselves: “Have I given up on myself? How can I build myself and rise to life’s challenges?” Throughout Sally’s story, she helps others rediscover self-care and find strength despite their own fears and self-doubt. Sally’s message is clear: it’s never too late​​​​.

The Co-Producer

Co-producer Erin Price’s involvement in “Sally’s Iron Mustangs” is pivotal in her life. Battling with the shock and isolation of an endometriosis diagnosis, Erin found solace and strength in Sally’s story and the stories of other female Mustangs. These narratives resonated deeply with her fears and feelings of inadequacy. Through this project, Erin hopes to validate the perspectives of audience members dealing with similar struggles, promoting self-advocacy and community investment as vehicles for personal transformation. She dreams of inspiring women to believe in their worth, beauty, and strength, echoing Sally’s empowering message

The Big Picture

This film is part of Reel Nation Media‘s broader vision to create stories that heal and inspire. By focusing on characters like Sally, who embody resilience and transformation, the studio aims to connect deeply with audiences, encouraging them to reflect on their lives and growth potential. This approach is evident in the diverse range of projects undertaken by Reel Nation Media, from educational films to branded documentaries, all crafted with the same dedication to authenticity and impact​​​​.

Through this project, producers Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz and Erin Price aim to better communities, combat elderly erasure, support proactive health initiatives, and increase access to community facilities nationwide.

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