Teaser – Sally’s Iron Mustangs

A New Journey

I’m thrilled to announce the announcement teaser for my upcoming documentary, “Sally’s Iron Mustangs” – a senior women’s weightlifting documentary. This journey of making the movie has completely transformed my life. The story revolves around Sally, a 64-year-old bodybuilder who is coaching a group of senior women for a weightlifting competition, as she turns 65. Their story promises to inspire and challenge our perceptions of aging, strength, and mental wellness.

A Personal Quest for Healing and Transformation

During the isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself in a mental and emotional rut, wrestling with depression and sleepless nights. As an athlete and a filmmaker with a mission to create meaningful media, I was on a quest. I searched for a story that could uplift my health and spirit and resonate with my mother, who, at 55, was experiencing similar issues, along with many other people dealing with the complexities of aging and mental health. My search for a story ended when my paths crossed with Sally and her work at Bright Side Opportunities Center in Lancaster PA, and I felt a profound sense of knowing: her story changed people, and it was the change I was looking for.

A Senior Women’s Weightlifting Documentary

Sally’s Iron Mustangs” follows the remarkable journey of Sally Winchell, a 64-year-old bodybuilder on a mission to elevate an entire community by crafting strength and nutrition programs tailored for women and seniors. The story follows Sally’s Iron Mustangs, Winchell’s senior weightlifting team, preparing for Lancaster’s annual Senior Games. The film takes an observational approach, allowing the story to unfold naturally. It unearths Sally and her Iron Mustangs’ inner strength and courage.

The documentary was filmed in 2022 in Lancaster, PA.

More Than Just a Film

I aim to screen “Sally’s Iron Mustangs” on at least fifty USA screens, including film festivals, local and chain theaters, community centers, and religious institutions. I am actively seeking partnerships and sponsorships to help complete the film and ensure it reaches the audiences who need it most. If you are interested in becoming a part of this transformative journey, please email me at Abdullah@reelnationmedia.com for an exclusive look at the current cut of the film.

A Community Affair

Within the fall, logistics will be underway to collaborate with Bright Side Opportunities Center and various independent and chain theaters in Lancaster, PA, for the film’s premiere. The choice of Lancaster is intentional; it’s the home of Sally and her Iron Mustangs.

The Final Steps

The film is currently in the editing phase, with fine-cutting, test screenings, and original music scoring. I aim to release “Sally’s Iron Mustangs” in early 2024, starting with screenings in Lancaster, PA.

I invite you to watch the announcement teaser and join earlier audiences in viewing the film when it is ready. To keep up with news on Sally’s Iron Mustangs, please visit its official page . Pre-ordering the film is also available for a limited time only. Pre-order audiences will be able to screen the film before the theatrical release, allowing them to be the very first to view the movie before any other audience group. Individuals and organizations can also request a screening local to their area and/or in facilities accessible to them.